the best kind

I love the world.
I love days.
I love nights.
I love stars and the universe.
I love my life.
That’s the best kind of love to be in. 

beckoning the moon

you can want the moon
you can admire it
ask it to come closer
to whisper secrets to

you can chase the moon
running to the horizon
to get as close as you can
calling out in soft croons

you can beckon the moon
tying a lasso to the window
to pull it into your heart
for it to grow coming into you

you can keep the moon
but only in your heart
for it doesn’t leave the sky
budging not from its black room

the perfect stage

an expanse of crystal clear
a shade so easy on the eyes
like a caribbean sea or
land-locked fresh water
white distorted pillows
hanging from strings held
by a grand puppeteer
deflecting the shine of gold
leaving straight trails
through the endless dome
different shades of crystal
amber and rose
the perfect setting for a play
where a son rises and falls
is lifted into the stars
and into a brand new day

straight to the sky

it’s a pathway
straight to the sky
forcing you to look up
from between the chains
as you move back and forth
to see the clouds, the blue skies
while feeling the wind whip past
not touching the ground
allowing your feet fly
your heart to soar
straight skyward
never landing

just one

looking up at a starry night
millions of eyes stare back
an endless expanse ever
surrounding the world
the beauty of something
so magnificent really
stops me in my tracks

during the day, the sun is out
hiding the stars from sight
yet when the day is over
the evening star rises
the beginning of night
leaves me wanting to see
more stars in the skies

shining brightly through the night
one star will call to me
yet I don’t know which one
with so many looking down
someday, I know I’ll find out

if there are so many stars
up there in the heavens
why can’t I have just one
night only lasts so long
so I will wait forever
for just one star