a pitcher has a unique position
the ability to control how the ball travels
the speed, the curve, a knuckle or none
the catcher gives the cue as to what might be best

ready at the mound
hand behind my back
waiting for the number, the cue
was that a one or a two
pull the ball up into my mitt
preparing to throw the arc
i release it, rolling through my fingertips
a launch into the unknown
hoping for a certain outcome
trusting the catcher to be there

but the bat strikes, loud and hard
sending it soaring past third base
leaving me hanging midair
for what I don’t suspect… a foul ball
a hit, but a strike nonetheless

was it a misunderstood hint from the catcher
or did I trust him too much with my ball
now the ball is out
and I’m caught midair


all it takes

walking down the street
after spilling my coffee

all over me
all it takes is a smile
for me to forget
trying to make it through
just one more day here
all the same
all it takes is a smile
and i remember
why i came
all it takes is a smile
one smile from a stranger
to brighten one moment
and perhaps a day

on memorial day

some days i wonder what it be like
if you were still there, still alive
the example you lived
the love you shared
the role you played in my life

would we become closer
would we fall apart sometimes
but still find comfort in each other
because… hey, we’re family
and families are forever

you’re still a part of my family
you may not have a physical body
but i feel you from time to time
and i hope you know that i know
everything i ever received from you
i cling to like you wouldn’t believe
since i can no longer cling to you

today is Memorial Day
and this is all i can think about
this is me saying that i love you
that though you’re gone
i still carry you with me
in my aching heart and tears i cry
the memories i have of us together
and i will never forget you

until we meet again…

smile anyway

Walking down the street,
open to meeting any eye
greeting with a smile–

Even if they avert their gaze–
to the ground,
to the side,
coyly avoiding connecting–
I will smile anyway.

And then those who dare
to glance my way
often smile in return.
Sometimes small
or surprised and sweet.

Remember that one smile
can brighten someone’s day
even if they don’t know you.
It shows someone can see you
and wants to show they care.

It can be a good morning
or a particular struggle,
but don’t be afraid to look
for that little silver lining
that comes from a stranger’s smile.

So smile anyway…
especially when there’s pain.

spring awakening

like a butterfly bolting from a leaf
about to fall since it can’t hold the weight
like new brights colors shining
ever more brightly from a rainbow
like the wind relighting a candle
after a window left closed for too long
drowned out the flickering warmth
begging a match to strike

and now every bit of it back
the hope, the heart fluttering
the glimmer, glances… and giggling
catching an eye, throwing out a smile
hoping for one in return

hello, friend

huddled in a shadowed corner sits a child…
hurt, empty and stuck in Hell
with no one to hold onto
nothing for comfort
all centering around emptiness
listening to the wind rustle
the faint whistles of nearby bird
and the sound of no one coming
the child wraps his arms around himself
an invisible blanket from the pain
lying down something creeps about
whiskers brush the child’s nose as he says
Hello, Friend
to the tiny mouse by his side

aim high

tossing and turning
over something past
staring up at blank skies
wondering where the stars
have gone into hiding
wondering why no smiles
greet you in the morning
to say a new day has come
embrace it with all you’ve got
since the sun holds onto you
carrying you through
even one day more
though there’s no spotlight
only the natural one
you should aim for
every day