FWF ~ Where I Will Be…


Each door calls my name, each for different reasons.

In Narnia, there are Animals and a vast land protected by an awesome lion that happens to have magical powers. Not to mention a sexy voice to boot. There are mermaids that swim in the seas, gorgeous beaches, woods that provide both shelter and a thrill, and such thing as magic. There are different sides–a constant battle over who should rule. Should it be a child or four? A young man who’s race practically wiped out all others? Or an evil witch? But at the end of the day, it’s hard to go back once you leave…

Neverland is another story entirely. Neverland is on a star. To be specific, the second star to the right. Like Narnia, there is magic but this time in the form of pixie dust. Mermaid Lagoon is home to mermaids, some nice and some not so nice. These mermaids like to poke a lot of fun. Pirates roam the seas, captained by the malicious and devilish Captain Hook. The crocodile in which Hook’s hand is trapped tails the ship, just waiting for Captain’s other hand to drop. The Lost Boys like to cause trouble, but they do it in good fun, until they get caught by the Indians who don’t really like the Pale Faces. I’m a pale face. Maybe Peter Pan can come to the rescue…

Sometimes I think I’d like to go to Wonderland. To a place where hardly anything makes sense, like a hookah-smoking caterpillar and caucus races in the tide, yet everything seems to work together. Frabjous Day is always cause for a celebration and a special dance. You never know if you’ll be big in a small world or small in a big world. A Cheshire Cat smile is guaranteed to get one in return. In Wonderland, no one seems to have a concept of time. Flower beds serenade you and a pair of twins won’t stop with the riddles and rhymes… which supposedly seem insane. Beasts are much more dangerous, but at least they have cool names like bandersnatches and jabberwockies. Sometimes you won’t know your path until you get somewhere. But as soon as you start to sing “Twinkle Little Bat,” an evil queen will scream, “Off with your head!” while tossing her decks of cards at her henchmen. I’ll need to be careful unless I want to lose my hat.

Now Hogwarts… that’s a cool place. A castle filled with learning and magic, secrets and mysteries, ghosts and wizards. Owls fly about delivering mail over a breakfast that’s made by elves. Students wield wands as tools in learning spells and their craft, while earning points for their houses. They have the most unique candy you’ll find anywhere, like Sugar Quills that you can suck on, pills that can make you puke then stop, and Chocolate Frogs that come to life before your eyes. There’s a ghost who cries in one of the girl’s bathrooms at all hours of the day, and another that likes to cause trouble by pulling pranks. Quidditch is always a good time as it pits the four different houses students against each other in good sport, as they aim a quaffle from the seat of a flying broomstick for three golden hoops while someone seeks out the elusive snitch. Most of the teachers are cool, but there are a couple who either have a few screws loose or have a hidden agenda. There is even word of a Dark Lord who wants to take over the school and the entire magic world. Now I’m not so sure…

If I wanted a little history, I would choose Camelot–the place where honorable King Arthur reigned and Merlin held all the magic. The knights of the round table would be handsome and follow the Old Knight’s Code of Honor. But then again, that could get boring after a while. Chivalry may not be dead, but chivalrous knights don’t really exist anywhere else. Sometimes a girl wants a little danger…

Then comes Middle Earth. The place where different kinds of people roam, including hobbits with hairy feet, elves who can sense the future, dwarves who live in caves and man. Usually kept separate, they rely on each other in times of need. With expansive and diverse landscapes, from towering snow-covered mountains, to the valleys with pretty creeks, swamps where the dead lie, and castles built into mountainsides, no part of Middle Earth looks like another. Magic and wizards exist, but bad and good are in a constant battle. Like Hogwarts, a Dark Lord is gathering power to take over the Middle Earth once more, pitting orc against the friendlier races. If good can reign supreme then maybe a new ruler can rise and lead in peace…

Westeros, however, is a world I know not of. So the idea of a mystery? Certainly my imagination peaks.

My hands twitch, itching to open all the doors. But then I take a closer look at them, and realize that these worlds, of magic, of wonder, of nonsense and darkness, would only make me miss the world I’ve come to grow and love. It may not have magic in the sense that these seven doors would take me too, but it’s magical because it’s beautiful and the battle between good and evil isn’t so prevalent. It’s a place where you can experience all of these worlds without ever really venturing into them, but from a place of a book in safety.

Instead, the question that arises is not where you are… but who you are and who you will be.



Sitting on a stone
and staring off
into the everlasting sea,
hunched over,
a Woman is longing
may it be for
a walk in the sand,
a slow in the tides,
or just a friend.
looking at her,
I feel the ocean
calling to me
as naturally as she
swims through its waves
looking at her,
yearning to reach out
My heart…
yet she’s hard as ever
as she overlooks
the horizon.

FWF ~ Never Seen

This is your view. Tell me…  Are you drowning (literally/metaphorically)? Is this a memory? Are you scared or having fun? I want you to completely immerse yourself in the image and just start writing. Go!

I’m not even sure if they see me as they swim off in the distance.

My arms pound against the current just to stay afloat. I’m holding my breath, praying nothing happens, praying they don’t look my direction.

This was supposed to be my spot, not theirs.

The sun reflecting from the crystal clear water nearly blinds me. I submerge and open my eyes under water, and immediately feel relief. The salt from the water welcomes and refreshes even my skin. I hate it when I try to hard to stay above water for too long. It’s like being in a world where you can’t breathe, your skin dries unbearably in an instant and speaking is impossible.

Humans blow my mind. They can handle it. I wish I could understand. But, alas, I have scales and they do not. They have legs and I do not. I have gills and they certainly do not–how do they even breathe?

The human children make joyous noises while slapping around the waves. I’m sure it would hurt my own ears if I were above water again. From under, it’s distorted and somewhat funny to listen to. It’s not a sound I am familiar with but it likens itself to my ears. It’s rather nice. My own kind don’t make those kinds of noises.

Clicks, whistles and gurgles are what I’m used to. Not many others are, but I’m special. There are only two living Pisci–I happen to be one of them. The other, a much older merwoman, never leaves her hut, let alone venture to where the animals live.

Almost on cue, there are coos behind me. Phydio is always keeping tabs on me by order of King Dedric.

“We must protect the Betrothed,” the King has said far too many times for my liking. I may be the Betrothed but I’m still young.

I can take care of myself. Ignoring the old seahorse behind me, I swim up into a jump out of the water and come crashing down.

Somehow I know that I’ve caught the young humans’ attention. It’s hard not to notice a large body of silver scales complete with a long whispy tail.

Maelle, Phydio softly coos and I try to ignore it. You know the rules. It’s time to head back.

I smirk. Oh, come on. I’m just having fun.

Phydios golden long-snouted head is shaking in dismay. He hates it when I disobey orders because he’s the one who gets punished since he can’t explain himself. The King kind of has a soft spot for his future daughter-in-law, and he lacks the ability to speak to sea creatures like me. Instead, he can never die. I’m not even sure how old he is. I would be too afraid to ask.


Phydio suddenly sounds alarmed. Spinning around, I see small bodies approaching us. I may like to have fun but I’m no dummy. They see me and we are all finished.

I snatch Phydio by the neck and dart away into deeper waters. Those young humans didn’t get a good enough look at me. At least, I don’t think they did.

It’s a couple minutes before either of us says anything. When we reach Eloni Peak, the highest mountain in Ondina and the gateway to the Kingdom of Tiveny, I stop. Phydio isn’t allowed past here. He may be what merfolk consider a “safe creature” but an old spell cast by Sea God Neriyo literally repels any creature from entering our domain.

Well… Phydio pauses. That went well. Be safe, young one. Don’t wander off too much. Only Neriyo knows what kind of ideas you’ll get. 

It’s only too apparent he is rolling his eyes. He knows I only go to Silver Cove and only on occasion. Smiling at him, I let Phydio go. Aside from the King, Phydio is the next best thing to a father figure even though he’s a sea horse.

I guess that’s what happens when you’re an orphaned mermaid.

I guess you can say this is a past snippet from one of my dormant WIPs that came to mind at the photo Kellie Elmore used as a prompt. I haven’t touched it since I did a re-haul on naming the characters. Considering picking it up again.