the best kind

I love the world.
I love days.
I love nights.
I love stars and the universe.
I love my life.
That’s the best kind of love to be in. 

between you and me

you’re all i think about
everything i dream about
all my heart beats for
everything in my eyes
can you see it all
because i do

that stupid grin on my face
the constant playing with hair
the little happy dance i do
the recurring glance to my phone
the waiting for what you say
the potential of the future
between you and me

Some love poems…

Over the time that Something Write has been alive, I’ve written a good many poems about love… Here are a few of my favorites in celebration of Valentine’s Day.

Like the movies


love is…

catch your breath

the things i love

a lopsided ball

the two-word promise



my soundtrack for you

What’s your favorite?

Have a very happy Valentine’s day and spend some time with someone you love. :)

the spark

where did it all go
the excitement of seeing
an idea of anticipation
begging fingers to scratch
an erratic racing heart
anticipation spewing over
getting lost inside a kiss
forgetting what’s around
and just being there
itching to feel yet
not letting it all in

is it lost in analysis
obscure in indifference
wandering in coulds
hoping to break dark
or conceal in light
is it gone forever
possibly warn out
so it doesn’t know
when to spark
all over again

seeking perfection

sometimes it’s hard to beat perfection

the perfect way your hand fits mine
and every curve on my body
the perfect way our mouths meld together
creating a flawless, inextricable tangle
how perfectly my mind goes blank
nothing but feeling and expressing
the perfect scent you leave on my skin
making me miss every moment next to you
and begging me to renew the aroma
by curling up next to you once again
how you know me perfectly
every little bit and attribute
how i perfectly trust you
to keep me safe, to have my back
how perfectly i fell into you
my heart flying over my head

only after perfection slips away
do you realize anything ever was

catch your breath

the moment your heart erratically expands
how your whole soul feels like it’s smiling
lost in a moment so utterly perfect
lost outside yourself yet never more inside
how hard it feels to breathe
to take something so crucial
so necessary yet divine
turn it so you can’t help but be blind
even if just for this moment of reflection
where you took a complete leap of faith
hoping that they will be waiting
to catch your breath

Like the movies

movies make love seem amazing
so where is that for the rest of us?
the moment you yearn for someone
the moment you kiss and fireworks fly
the moment you turn away only turn back
the moment you smile when you hear their voice
the moment you realize you are theirs
as if there was any other choice
why can’t we all be in love like the movies
where, even though there can be struggle,
there’s light at the end of the tunnel
because what’s a love story
if, in the end, the boy doesn’t get the girl?