following feelings

You can’t deny what you feel
especially if it resonates
throughout your entire being,
filling everything from your toes
to the deep crevices in your heart.

The pinches in your gut
telling you something is wrong.

The warmth in your heart
when something is true,
when something is right.

The peace that comforts you
when you do something good.

Knowing that something will happen
even before it actually does.

Sometimes the best thing we can do
is to listen to what we feel.
To our hearts, to our intuition.
We often feel things for a reason,
whether it’s about a person, a thing,
a decision, a situation or place.
Some may be fleeting.
Others may nag at the back of your brain
until you finally give in
then wonder why you waited.

Might as well follow the feelings
while you have them.