a pitcher has a unique position
the ability to control how the ball travels
the speed, the curve, a knuckle or none
the catcher gives the cue as to what might be best

ready at the mound
hand behind my back
waiting for the number, the cue
was that a one or a two
pull the ball up into my mitt
preparing to throw the arc
i release it, rolling through my fingertips
a launch into the unknown
hoping for a certain outcome
trusting the catcher to be there

but the bat strikes, loud and hard
sending it soaring past third base
leaving me hanging midair
for what I don’t suspect… a foul ball
a hit, but a strike nonetheless

was it a misunderstood hint from the catcher
or did I trust him too much with my ball
now the ball is out
and I’m caught midair


the old ball game

take me out to the ball game
so i can take the pitcher out
strike out the catcher
and pull someone else up to bat

take me out to the ball game
let me run the bases
swing the ball round and round
throw the bat to the stands

take me out to the ball game
one strike… it’s you
two strikes … it’s me
three strikes and we’re both out

take me out to the ball game
but don’t take the girl home