Proof ‘n Polish

Imagine you see an article headline that excites you and you want to know more. You start reading and think, “Wow! This is pretty good!”

Then it happens. Your mouth opens in shock, and you’re horrified by what you see. A spelling error. Or that dreaded “your versus you’re” discrepancy. And what is that stray comma doing there?

In your mind, whether you’ve realized it or not, you’ve already discredited the person or the company behind that article simply because of that error and the others that you subconsciously wait to happen from that point on. You stop going to that website for reliable information. You stop reading that author because you just can’t handle a piece of writing that is so riddled with errors that you feel like moving onto the next thing.

The truth is, those little errors leave a black mark of inaccuracy and lack of professionalism that make it hard to trust the source.

That’s where I come in. I can take those nasty errors, mark them with a bright red Sharpie and send them right where they belong–in darkness, never to be seen again, and certainly not by your audience. Let me help you proof ‘n polish your text so your audience isn’t distracted by those black marks that make them distrust you from the get-go.

You want your content to shine, show you and your work in the most positive light possible, and make your audience feel safe in your hands… That means content free of grammar, spelling and other syntax issues that tend to crop up and distract your readers. I’ll even make sure your content has a cohesive flow so you carry your audience exactly where you want them to go.

Proofreading and editing is one of my absolute favorite things to do. These kinds of projects make me think, “How can I make this better? How can I make this writing really stand out from the crowd?” And that really appeals to the perfectionist in me. Despite years of fighting myself on this, I’m glad that my need for perfection can be used for something worthwhile.

So allow my insane perfectionistic eye for detail make you and your work look amazing. You deserve it!

* * *

Proof ‘n Polish Services

  • Resume Polishing
  • Blog & Article Polishing
  • Full Website Treatment
  • eBook Polishing

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