Waterfall, why do you run when you can take it slow?
Moss, you stretch yourself across everything.
Rose, why is it that your races can’t grow together?
Pinecone, you poke and hurt, yet become the greatest in the end.
Blanket, why do you fold over anyone even if they don’t deserve it?


that one summer abroad

so many hours planned ahead
with no idea what would happen except rain
thinking you might die before summer came

the crazy drugged up air plane flight
where the delay makes you start to freak
since you’d taken the Ambien and needed to sleep

arriving in London, riding the “Mind the Gap”
surprised by small streets and free museums
going on historical walks, certainly a sore bum

being amazed by the West End performances
eating gelato in Trafalgar Square, watching fountains
then finally going to Cambridge by train

studying literature among the world’s best
falling in love with the greenery, the people and the sweets
not to mention the small winding shops and streets

seeing Shakespeare and castles galore
amidst reading British classics in Newnham garden
the pubs and clubs calling your name now and then

the premiere of Harry potter with pals from home
nights in Selwyn garden with wine and Indian
even punting on the river with friends

snapping pictures every chance you had
making friendships that would hopefully last
those five weeks went by far too fast

even the unexpected study abroad romance
you met someone but he felt like a bud
until a dart dropped on your foot and he fixed you up

the lingering moments beneath Selwyn’s door
a kiss in the rain then nights with little sleep
writing those final essays in the time you could squeeze

then saying goodbye and heading to Eire
drinking and dancing at Gogarty’s in Temple Bar
buying a Claddagh ring in Galway Bay, seeing Newgrange and Moher

making friends with Irish musicians
a pub crawl with Kopparberg, singing a tune
hit the Guinness Factory where you went to ruin

watching The Tudors film at Christ’s church
kissing new boys and Blarney for the gift of the gab
be it true… never a moment was dull or drab

flying home has never been so painful
feeling every so spoiled for all the memories made
the one summer forever in your brain engraved