Sharing the Love – an inconvenience

an inconvenience
is a wrongly considered adventure.

your experiences
are coloured
by the lens through
which you view them

insert an attitude
plagued with problems,
you will receive
nothing but nightmares.
insert a proclivity for openness,
you will receive opportunities & wisdom.

predicting a predicament
as the end of the world
will only make it so.

remove the labels
on each of life’s encounters,
judge not.
you get out of life
only what you put in.

bt (brian thompson)
from the DIY Daily by the Thorny Bleeder


A Prayer by Rev. Ray Waldon

Holy and merciful God, send your Holy Spirit into my life – to remind me.

Remind me that I need Your wisdom.
Remind me that I need Your wise counsel.
Remind me that You are always with me.
Remind me to share my life with You.

Oh God, when I want things to go my way,
remind me that Your way is always better.
When I forget those who are less fortunate than I,
remind me to love them just as You would love them.
When I walk too fast past someone who needs a kind word,
remind me to slow down and speak to him with a smile.
When I am faced with hatred for enemies of my land,
remind me that they are Your children, too.
When I shut out the ugliness of this world,
remind me to see it clearly so that I can bring about change.
When I keep you out of my life,
remind me that my life is because of You.
When I seek vengeance on those who have hurt me,
remind me of the forgiving words Your Son taught.
When I want things in a hurry in this busy world,
remind me to slow down and be patient.
When I hurt others in my path,
remind me to seek forgiveness from them and from You. 

And, my beloved God, remind me most of all –
that You love me,
in spite of the fact that I sometimes forget
to be all that You expect.