Sharing the Love – The Sweetest Thing

By Kellie Elmore

this love
is the sweetest thing
I wish I could
put it in tiny bottles
and pass it out to
all those still searching

this love
is the sweetest thing
sugar dreams
of tasting this good
and fruit goes dark
dreaming of the same

this love
is the sweetest thing
I could put it
into little packets
and leave it on tables
in cafes where people meet

this love
is the sweetest thing
and it’s sad to think
of those hungry hearts
still waiting in line
trying on kisses

this love
is the sweetest thing
and if I could
I would
put it in tiny bottles
for all those still searching


Don’t you just love this? I’m totally enamored by Kellie’s work. 


Sharing love – Sudden Fall

A Sudden Fall
by Charles Mashburn

We danced in the heat of summer
Around us the air thick and sweet
Embraced in a bittersweet struggle
Ever seeking yet never complete

Moisture clinging to glistening bodies
Grass dark and wet with the dew
Black clouds build in the distance
My eyes seeing nothing but you

Days spent by a river run empty
The sun having dried it away
Still… we held on like a small one
Holds mother’s finger at end of day

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Copyright © 2011 C. Mashburn

Sharing love

Written by Kellie Elmore

a pause before turning the page
to turn the sausage frying on the stove
with a cigarette dangling from her lip
ashes curled and clinging to the tip
a second away from seasoning the pan
fall as she turns to take her seat
and the story goes on

it was a love affair, one unrelated to her own
and she was consumed with every word
as they pushed her heart into her throat
and she secretly pleaded for answers from
imagined characters in dreamy little towns
that would tell her what she needed to do

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