the sign

have a nice day

that’s all it says
the piece of cardboard
you always hold onto
at the corner of the highway
a pavement cornerstone

you wave and smile
at every passing car
even past nightfall

i smile and wave back
hoping even that small gesture
can bring light to your night

have a nice day


holding to habit

two feet
no steps
none back
sand starts
to sink
the weight
of inaction

two hands
no itch
to pull
in place
too much
stay still


because of fear
evasion in excuses
holding to habit
the less you know
shorter to fall

you never know

a chance to have a day
to do what i want
whatever i want
to go where i please
wherever i please
to visit any time
any time that i wish

only the next day
i won’t remember any
to take the plunge
or to not
for what’s it worth
if not for memories
to take with me
a whole lifetime

but i’d still take it
it’s a chance to take
a chance
try something new
perhaps daring
or enlightening
see another time
a passed relative
a neat celebrity
sing on a stage
in front of thousands
or even a re-do moment

something you want
a day to do as you please
even if forgotten
still could be worth it
something to remind
of that forgotten day
will still stir within
maybe in the next life
it will come back to us
for if the mind forgets
the heart and soul still know
that something happened
even if they don’t know
what it was

you may be able to feel
but you never really know

A post for Kellie Elmore’s FWF.

old vinyl

wake up with swollen eyes
as if i just got a tattoo
and didn’t i really?

not hurt from truth
but hurt from doubt
the fear of being broken

broken like old vinyl
played perhaps a bit too much
full of life and yet…

only some songs play
or stop playing
right before the chorus

wake up for something new
broken means fixable
don’t know how to look

what is wrong with you
people will ask
when everything is right

have i even found the answer?