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Actual Average Day

Alarm goes off at 7:45, I turn it off and roll around my bed until I pry myself out at 8. Pop in the shower quickly. Get dressed in my work clothes, generally slacks and a nice sweater or button down with a lace tank beneath. Put on my makeup and either toss my hair up or scrunch it for beachy waves.

Grab my purse, computer bag and workout clothes. Retrieve yogurt, cheese, apple, grapefruit and any other food from the fridge that I may need through the day. Get in the car by 8:35, do my four-point turn to get down our driveway.

Drive to the office. Tell yet another person that the only elevator that goes to Social Security is the first one… the one with a big sign. Check social media. Fill my 32 oz cup with water several times over the day. Composing corporate blogs, radio spots, emails and help manage social media and our website. Sometimes checking in on Twitter or Gchatting my mom about my plans. Eat the lunch I brought at my desk while writing for myself, tracking my food online and checking up on blogs/tweets/FB. Keep doing what I did before, perhaps meet with my boss for a moment (or five). Leave at 4:30 or 5, depending on when I get done with everything.

Head to Pole Fitness/Zumba/Yoga and have a great time. Drive home. Read and lounge until dinner is ready. Eat dinner with my mom and step-dad and/or my brother. Head upstairs. Check YouTube, contemplate recording a song while chatting with people on Skype/Facebook, write something for Something Write if I haven’t yet, read online articles and blogs… all while listening/watching my favorite shows on my iPad.

Realize it’s 10:30 so I wash my face, brush my teeth and get ready for bed. Settle into bed. Check on Dragonvale. Read a YA novel on Kindle, maybe a scripture or two. Roll over approximately seven times and fall asleep.

I got this idea from Enemy of Ordinary. Tomorrow I will write about my Ideal Average Day. Then I will compare the two on Thursday to figure out what I would need to change to get there. Sound good? Good. :D