I wonder if #NaNoWriMo knows this…

You can’t write a novel all at once, any more than you can swallow a whale in one gulp. You do have to break it up into smaller chunks. But those smaller chunks aren’t good old familiar short stories. Novels aren’t built out of short stories. They are built out of scenes.”

—Orson Scott Card

So what have I been doing? Writing my NaNoWriMo novel by scenes each day. Thirty-plus scenes can make a decent story, right? ;)

Today is the last day of NaNo and right now I stand at just over 47,500 words. Will be punching it out tonight at the final SLC regional Write-In! 

So… if you’ve wondered why I haven’t kept as up-to-date on Something Write, it’s because of this. I’ll be back full force in December. 


Because I don’t have time to be extra creative…

Thus, I give you the beginning of the end of my NaNoWriMo novel for this year… here I go onto write it!

The dress is on. Sparkles are on my eyes and my cheeks, silver and pink ones. A subtle lipgloss shimmers on my lips. And I’m in heels. I never wear heels. Maybe this is a horrible idea. Nix that. This is most definitely a horrible, no good, very bad idea.


Less than a week of #NaNoWriMo left…

Excitement over what’s to come;
the story speeds up.
Coming closer to the end,
those five thousand words nearly finished.

Working late nights, early mornings,
to get out the plot and subplots
weaving their way through my story.

Now the anticipation builds,
edging closer to the climax,
those finals scenes and ending pages.

Less than one more week
to fulfill a lifelong dream.

First day of NaNoWriMo Complete!

First day of National Novel Writing Month down
as well as over 3,400 words.
Not too shabby for a first day now?
Most definitely not.
The words just keep on coming,
and character plots enveloping,
even some I wasn’t expecting.
That’s what happens in the zone.
I like the zone.

Before starting, I knew not what to write.
Ideas of stories jumbled around inside.
A poll to tell me what I should do
I felt disappointed with the peoples’ votes.
That’s how I knew what to write…
go with what disappoint but what inspires.
And I like it so that’s what I’m doing.
I’m off to a good start too.
Hopefully I can keep this momentum going
and nail 50,000 words here soon.
Or by the end of the month.