not my hands

these aren’t my hands
i see them
they try to do my bidding
but they aren’t mine
fingers plucking hesitantly
at strings i can’t see
strings begging me to strum
my own tunes
not someone else’s hands
interpreting my story
i want to shove them away
take over from here
they play scared like puppies
hesitancy won’t finish
the song i’m singing
get your hands off
they’re not to trust
i see mine
they’re taking over
strumming a tune
you couldn’t play


a special song

The song begins–
a gentle hum of violins–
and wings unfold inside.
A heart ready to take flight,
a voice yearning to carry it
through clouds of melody
and winds of harmony
to a place where music can heal
every crack and fault one can feel.
A voice weaves it’s way through,
binding the soul and freeing it, too.
Vibrato sends comfort in ripples
and the lyrics beautiful yet simple.
A song to take away everything
and give so much more than anything.

Different Tunes

Standing open, sleek, and pure

An elegant grande piano

Creates a deep magic

Within each melody


The tall grandfather clock

Across the way

Mimics the piano’s tone

Chiming and ticking together

But not for always…


Precious melodies we have

Slipping into darkness

Precious and few are

The moments we keep…


The solemn chimes ring

Tick… Tock…

Dying in their own time


Soon the clock will

No longer swing its

Resonating pendulum


The piano may become

Out of tune yet still

It can be played


*   *   *

I actually wrote this a couple years ago in a creative writing class. I wanted to share it because the newest single from NBC’s hit series “SMASH” reminded me of this poem because of that last stanza. Take a listen to the song! It’s stunning and it made me cry.


Bright Vegas lights sparkle up the strip

But the lights on the stage brought you to life

Right before my wondering eyes.

As soon as I saw you in the spotlight

There was no stopping it:

Tears of excitement, idolatry,

And uncontrollable longing

Poured down my face

(For four songs, no less).

My idol, though you seem

Small on that magnificent stage,

Nothing can hold you or

Your voice, clear and flawless

In technique and execution,

Back. I’m absolutely floored.

You belt out the songs I know

By heart as I’ve listened to them

All my life. It’s because of you

I have a rather huge dream.

I just hope one day, I’ll be able

To do for someone

What you did for me.