i can go days without thinking of you
certainly not weeks, but days yes
some days are worse than others
the ones that bring back every one
of the harshest memories of you and me
those where i’d lose my heart to you
over, over and painfully over again
the first time you tempted me to indulge
our not-so-secret kiss behind the curtain
how you’d hold my hand and my neck
the nights we’d spent up until four a.m.
how you’d reference our future together
every time you were a colossal jerk
the way my heart opened up to you
how though i couldn’t sleep with anyone
i slept with you, i fell in
each one of them comes back
each a different point of a dagger
aimed at incapacitating my blood flow
and constricting that one little voice

i can go days without thinking of you
today is one of the worst of all
only it took a moment too long to realize
that today was a big moment for us
only it happened a year ago
where perfection reached its peak
behind closed doors, goosebumps arose
the one that sneaks up on my mind
only now 365 days behind
365 days of knowing
you could never be mine


Some love poems…

Over the time that Something Write has been alive, I’ve written a good many poems about love… Here are a few of my favorites in celebration of Valentine’s Day.

Like the movies


love is…

catch your breath

the things i love

a lopsided ball

the two-word promise



my soundtrack for you

What’s your favorite?

Have a very happy Valentine’s day and spend some time with someone you love. :)

catch your breath

the moment your heart erratically expands
how your whole soul feels like it’s smiling
lost in a moment so utterly perfect
lost outside yourself yet never more inside
how hard it feels to breathe
to take something so crucial
so necessary yet divine
turn it so you can’t help but be blind
even if just for this moment of reflection
where you took a complete leap of faith
hoping that they will be waiting
to catch your breath

the things i love

i see the door knob gleaming brightly
my hand itches to turn it
to open the door and walk out
rather than locked and closed

but then i’m enchanted by the pen
stroking stories into being
crafting lines of symmetry
filling in the holes where
those missing pieces lie

once the story is complete
the microphone catches my eye
so i sing and sing and sing
until my voice grows hoarse
and lungs feel light again

i’ll even write the songs i sing
i’ll compose music within me
and outward on a keyboard
hoping and hoping they’ll be heard
will anyone even listen

then i’ll look back at the door
the knob polished yet untouched
begging to be turned and opened
from its sorely locked state
to let me see outside what i love

i have everything i love right here
so why would i venture out
not able to find that one thing
that i ever seem to be missing
that elusive, pleasureful and painful thing

the thing that locked me in here
from the very beginning

Kindness Lives Right Here

This is a song I used to sing in a performing group as a teenager; it’s one of my favorites that we did. Since Friday, it’s been going through my head so I’d like to dedicate this to those families affected in Newtown, Connecticut. 

Beautiful faces in a crowd of pain.
Eyes full of light shine out beyond life’s strain.
Tears filled with hope midst hunger for daily bread.
As hearts become one, our souls are fed.

Suddenly the cares of life with such weight to bear
stand without meaning when our lives are shared.
A smile, a touch, a song can brighten one’s darkest hour.
“We” becomes “us” through caring’s power.

Where much is given so much more there is to give.
Expanding the circle of our hearts helps others live.
Lord, help us be Compassion’s children, Mercy’s hands and Love’s embrace.
Let it be said … kindness lives right here,
within us all, lives right here inside our hearts.

Lyrics by D. Kim Clayton of Clayton Productions


i love/miss you

two words that hold
so much weight
the weight of two people
holding onto something
that feels all too real
a feeling of something missing
that seeing them can only cure
a random conversation
a thought of a smile
moments to imagine amidst
memories still turning
around and around
in a head and heart
just trying to keep it all

I Still Love You

I know I’ve made some dumb decisions
In the past.
I used to think there was no way for us
To last.
The time we had together was amazing
Though apart.
The moments that took you away are the ones
That broke my heart.

But baby, I still love you
More than I can say
I still love you
Even though I went astray
You’re still on my mind
More than half the time
And I still love you…
Do you still feel that way?

Gonna be a song! :)