Popping in to say…

Merry Christmas


Happy Holidays!

To everyone! Lots of love from Something Write.



Bring Daddy Home

I love my daddy, my brother and my mommy.
I love when mommy holds me and sings me to sleep.
When I have a nightmare, Daddy comes and saves me, checking to make sure the monsters have gone away.
I hate the monsters that come at night.
I hate that my daddy isn’t here to keep me safe.
He’s keeping out country safe instead.
I love my brother sometimes.
He teases me a lot. Or he’ll poke me until I bruise.
But I love him always when he plays nice with me and shares his candy.
I hate milk, apples and how cold it gets when winter starts.
But I love Christmas.
I love that Santa visits each year and I get almost everything on my Christmas list.
This year, though, I don’t think he’ll bring my daddy home.

Written for a prospective WIP. 

riddle in rhyme

start with a premise,
end with a punchline
tell a pitiful part of life

the storyteller reveals all
sometimes funny, others flat fall
and you wonder why you called

shame on you if you fool me one time
shame on me if you fool me twice
if you fool me thrice, shame on the wine

fools and jokes, rhymes and riddles
should’ve known better than to play the fiddle
laugh up a heart, and stop the dribble

now for you a riddle I will tell
what is beneath a well
only farther down the scale?
it’s not as bad as an ail,
but something you can feel
especially when you’re ill?
short in two, the word is
so can you tell me what is this?

Still Christmas

There’s no snow here
The sun’s still bright
Cold penetrates everything
And yet it’s still the same

Small flurries come by
Landing on eyelashes and cheeks
While people rush past buying
too distracted to place any blame

Love and charity abound
Stores open at all hours
Trees decorated all evergreen
All because of the birth of a babe